Festool 491499 32″ Guide Rail FS 800 Review

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Today we are going to introduce a tool from Festool, the Festool 491499 32″ Guide Rail FS 800, which are available in 8 kinds of lengths ranging from thirty-two inches to one hundred and ninety seven inches, having the right rail for each application. The integrated splinter guard aligns just perfectly to your cut line, which can save you a lot of time of setting up.

Main features:

  • Hard-anodized surface
  • Very soft and non-slip coating
  • Splinter guard made of hard rubber
  • Mounting slot for FSV Connectors, FS-AW Deflector, FSW Angle-Unit and FSZ Clamps

What is included?

  • FS 800/2 32-in (800mm) Guide Rail

This FS 800 is a perfect size for making small ‘rip’ cuts. It also fits perfectly on the MFT table too. Very easy to maneuver, which is much more easier than doing your work with a longer guide rail if no extra length is need. They have a special bag for you to pack and you can also store them in a rifle case as you would like to.

What others said?

The overall quality of this rail is very great!

It gives me plenty of options with my TS75 and I can connect any two rails for longer needs as well.

This small rail is very handy and easy to store.

The shorter rail is perfect for the little jobs:)

Another good news is that all the FS guide rails can be used in combination with Festool plunge-cut saws, jigsaws and wood routers ensuring precision and repeatable results.

The images of this nice Guide Rail FS 800 are as followed

Festool 491499 32" Guide Rail FS 800 Review

Discounts can be found on our website.


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