Best Woodworking Router Kits For Home Improvement

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If you are passionate about woodworking, then you are probably fully aware of the importance of owning a router kit with excellent quality.  If you are a green hand to the new woodworking world then maybe there’s a need for you to remember that a router with good quality is one aid to a woodworker’s most versatile tools. There are various kinds of types and styles of woodworking router kits in the market and knowing exactly which one is the ideal one, the best woodworking router kits, for your woodworking project you’ve been engaged in is way too complicated.

There’s no worse thing except choosing the wrong tools to cut, carve and shape wood. So what will you take into consideration if you want to know which router kit is the right one which can help you better in your projects?

Well, router kits can be generally grouped into three main groups: large, middle size and detail and trim. In the groups of large and middle sized routers, there are 2 variations as well- plunge and fixed base and each model has nifty options for instance, the variable speed and cordless options.

In order to let you better know what type of router kit works best for the kind of woodworking task you will do, each category will be closely discussed in the following paragraphs to see how they work and what each router is designed to do.

Large Size Router Kits

Large size router kits are a crucial addition to nearly every woodworking store. They are relatively the most heavy and cumbersome to operate by hand, their functions can be fully utilized in conjunction with a router table. In terms of the motors, they usually can run between 1 3/4 to about 3 HP. Every large size router kit is designed to handle a range of tasks with power to spare. For instance, quick fixed-base motor release enable woodworker to move the motor pack between plunge and d-handle bases.  A speed motor which is variable can enable you to cut back on speed when you move to larger bit sizes.

Middle Size Router Kits

Middle size router kits, like the Bosch 1617EVSPK, can be called the most versatile routers among all the categories. In terms of the motors, they can usually run between 11/2 to about 2 1/4 HP. Also enough powered can be spared to perform the most common router tasks.  They can be used with a router table or be comfortably manipulated by hand thanks to its special sized designs. This type of router kits can to most practical tasks except some extremely gigantic projects or those jobs which need a lot of detailed work.

Trim Router Kits

Trim Router Kits are palm-sized routers which can’t be replaced by other routers in the market for the one-handed trimming delicate work. They are small and compact in design. These routers are powered by 1 HP motors. The majority of the trim routers are equipped with a 1/4 inch collet so as to use smaller bits. However, you can’t belittle them. Thier size and special light weight design makes the ideal for trim and detail tasks which requre a delicate hand.

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The Type of Base

Pros and cons are existing no matter they are fixed base or plunge routers just like every coin has two sides. If you use fixed base router kits, it is required for you to unlock the base from the motor, and make depth adjustment and secure the lock again, fixing the bit depth. It is relatively easier to change the bits for the base is often removable on a fixed base router kit. If you got a fixed base router, you will find that it is very suited to handle the majority of the woodworking projects.

For the plunge base router kits, they allow the motor to slide up and down along 2 guides. A level lock would control the bit depth when the motor locked on the base. The biggest advantage of using a plunge router is that the motor can achieve the correct speed prior to making your cut. To make the cuts the bit can be lowered into the stock. If some tasks which require something like making intricate cuts, mortises and dadoes for example, then a plunge router would be your ideal choice.

Variable Speed Motor

If you increase bit size, more wood will be removed. For the sake of that, to counter wood loss, the bit should revolve slowly. Buying a variable speed router is highly suggested for it enables you to reduce the bit speed and you can utilize the full range of bits with efficiency and safety.

Dust Control

If you don’t fancy the dust on your face when working. You can buy a router equipped with a vacuum port- now nearly the majority of the router kits got this function. It can definitely save you a lot of time doing the cleaning things after the tasks.


Typing for long is a energy consuming thing but it is truly a joy since hopefully you have learned the types and styles of the routers which are ideal for your tasks. Most green hands would be fully served by buying a middle sized router kit which can tackle nearly any task. For bigger tasks, you can find a large size router kit that can easily handle the heavy woodworkings. For detailed oriented wood working, a hand held router kit is just the perfect one for you 🙂

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